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Judith Hall-Bean

Deputy Chairman

Judith Hall-Bean, a member of the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission also serves on the Juvenile Panel, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, and is a member of the following Boards:

• The Family Centre
• The Bermuda Red Cross
• Outward Bound
• Trustee, The Bermuda Fine Art Trust
• The Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust

Judith was employed as a Civil Servant with the Bermuda Government for almost forty-nine years during which she held several administrative, supervisory and management positions. Judith served in such senior management positions as the Director of Personnel Services, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, and the Director of Tourism. Her final position, from which she retired in September 2013, was Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet (Deputy Head of the Civil Service).

Her primary duties as Deputy Head of the Civil Service included oversight of all Government Departments. Her main responsibilities included the administrative and management functions related to recruitment, selection, disciplinary matters, retirement and training of all Government employees.
For a number of years Judith served as the Chairperson of the Government Negotiation Team and as such was directly responsible for employment contract negotiations with the Unions who represent Government Employees. Just prior to her retirement, Judith was the lead Negotiator in employment contract talks with the Bermuda Trade Union Congress.

Judith therefore brings a wealth of Public Service management experience to the regulatory functions of the Commission.